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Pan-European article program

PRismaPR strongly believes in the value of technical articles and case studies to raise our clients' profile. We support our clients at all stages of article development, from assessment and repurposing of existing material through to the development of new ideas and texts, working in close partnership with all parties concerned to achieve best possible results. We then go on to prominently place the resulting material in key technical publications/outlets right across Europe. Have a look and find some examples about what we achieved for our clients Altium, Endrich, JLT Mobile, and Tektronix:
Elektronik Informationen
Elektronik Praxis
Elettronica Plus
Harbours Review
Markt & Technik

Successful product launch

Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions, has again broken through the innovation barrier with the introduction of the new 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope.
PRismaPR devised a tailored press tour to ensure maximum coverage for the new product solution. Thanks to a combination of press conferences, individual editor meetings and phone briefings, supplemented by an intensive follow-up and comprehensive article program, the tour resulted in about 100 mentions, detailed product stories and articles in key print, online and social media outlets throughout Europe. Check out some of the results:
Design & Elektronik
Electronics Weekly
Elektronik Tidningen
Elettronica News
Elettronica Plus
Elettronica Oggi
Embedded Design
Markt & Technik

Effective vertical PR outreach

Rugged industrial PC manufacturer JLT Mobile Computers has built its growth strategy on selling to a wide range of vertical markets with demanding IT requirements such as logistics & warehousing, ports & terminals, mining and agriculture. To support this strategy, PRismaPR set out to identify the key media players and events in the industries and sales regions that matter most to JLT's business. As part of this process, we built media relationships across all key vertical markets, learned all we could about the industries' pain points, created content that speaks specifically to the target markets and got our client in front of influencers at relevant trade shows all over the world to increase brand visibility. Take a look at some of the coverage secured here:
Frische Logistik
Logistica Management
Material Handling Product News Magazin
Mining Magazine
Transport nytt
WorldCargo news