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"We have been working with PRismaPR since 2017 and our visibility in the trade press has increased considerably since then. In the course of this first year, for example, PRismaPR has placed three technical papers for us, a fourth will be appearing shortly - just to mention the German speaking market. We plan to consolidate this success further in 2018 - with the professional support provided by the PRismaPR team.

Helmut Artmeier, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Geschäftsführer EFCO Electronics GmbH
"We value PRismaPR as a competent partner who is very effective in communicating the wide range of our messages to the right target groups. The PRismaPR team has organized many successful product launches across Europe, and we especially appreciate their level of commitment and close media relationships."

Petra Quaedvlieg, EMEA Marcom Manager, Tektronix
"At the beginning of our collaboration we used the agency’s services only for Scandinavia. Right from the start we were impressed by the professional level of work and PRismaPR’s excellent contacts with all publications relevant to us. Once congatec started to expand its PR activities, it made perfect sense to extend our collaboration to the complete range of European press work. Our visibility in the trade press has increased impressively since then, and we continue to be very satisfied with the results."

Christian Eder, Marketing Manager, congatec AG
"We have been working with PRismaPR for more than three years now and are definitely benefiting from the agency’s intimate and long-standing relationships with journalists and other key players from the test sector. PRismaPR often acts as the extended arm of our in-house team which is simply invaluable for us, especially before or during trade shows when things get stressful."

Nina Negele, Marketing Manager Compumess Elektronik GmbH
"Our relationship with PRismaPR goes back many years. In itself, that is an endorsement for the results the team consistently continue to deliver for Altium. Time and again, PRismaPR over-delivers. I rely on the team at PRismaPR, and they never let me down."

Frank Krämer, Vice President Global Marketing, Altium
  "PRismaPR definitely speak high-tech in a globalized environment. This makes things easy - and successful - in our now longterm cooperation."

Frank Hoschar, Chief Marketing Officer, Altium
"We have been working with PRismaPR since 1995. We have been extremely impressed by the level of service, and most importantly, the results that PRisma has delivered. They have consistently taken the initiative to find opportunities, and have made the most of them. In addition, we enjoy dealing with PRisma on an everyday basis. They maintain an excellent attitude and are upbeat, even during hectic times."
Don Parkman, PR Director, Cypress
  "As far as I'm concerned, PRisma is the Gold Standard among international high-tech PR firms."

John Donovan, PR Director, Cypress
"PRismaPR have played an active part in our European marketing efforts for more than two decades now. During all those years, the professional and efficient team has consistently delivered high results. I am most impressed by the proactive way in which PRismaPR carries out its work to the great benefit of their clients."

Josef Flossmann, Marketing Communications Manager Eur., Keithley
"PRismaPR has been our European PR partner of choice for many years. With the help of their public relations expertise and wide range of connections, the CoWare brand is now well-recognized among the European editorial community. Results-driven and proactive, PRismaPR have impressed me by seamlessly integrating their activities with our corporate communications effort. Their support at European tradeshows such as DATE and major US events such as DAC and the Embedded Systems Conference, has been a real asset to CoWare."

Mindy Palmer, Director of Marketing Communications, CoWare
"Synplicity has been working with PRismaPR since 1998 and we remain impressed with the quality of the organization and the support they provide to us. PRismaPR is dedicated to identifying and responding to opportunities in Europe that best serve our media relations and marketing communications needs, and their flawless implementation of our programs continues to produce excellent results. PRismaPR also seamlessly integrates its programs with our US-based PR operations, meeting our need for consistent global communications."

Nancy Weiss, Director of Corporate Communications, Synplicity
"PRismaPR is our trusted partner to support DAC’s public relations efforts in Germany and France. Great support and consistent results – every year. Thank you!"

Lee Wood, Exhibit Manager, Design Automation Conference
"The PRismaPR team is a welcome extension of our internal communications team. They treat our account with the utmost care, talent and dedication."

Victoria McDonald, Manager, Corporate Communications, Finisar

"PRismaPR did a great job announcing our EDA events and coordinating our press activities. They helped us improve our overall messaging and gave good advice on how to handle media and press. By distributing our news to a highly targeted and relevant contacts base, they secured very good coverage and worked proactively to create opportunities for edacentrum in the trade press. We are happy to have them within our EDA network and look forward to their service in the future."

Ralf Popp, Head of PR and marketing, EDA centrum

"PRismaPR did a great job of introducing Staccato Communications to the European media and raising our profile in the region. As you may expect from a longstanding technology PR company, they understand our technology and know our media sector inside out. What I find extraordinary about PRismaPR is that they truly share the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of our start-up, which makes them a valuable extension of our team. They seek out every possible editorial opportunity on our behalf, and are experts at getting the most out of available material. Having worked with PRismaPR for many years - both in my present position at Staccato, and previously through the Multiband OFDM Alliance and at BOPS -
I have continually been impressed by their ability to exceed my expectations."

Mark Bowles, VP, Business Development/Corp. Marketing, Staccato
"We have been using PrismaPR for well over a year now with excellent results. PrismaPR handles all our press activities in Europe for our HARDI ASIC Prototyping System (HAPS). HARDI benefited greatly from PRisma's wide network of contacts, both as far as press releases and press activities relating to
exhibitions are concerned. They have been very successful in understanding and communicating information about our advanced hardware platforms. PrismaPR have always given us first-class service with rapid responses. PrismaPR has contributed in a major way to the success we have enjoyed during the last 12 months."

Lars-Eric Lundgren, President & CEO, Hardi
"For the period of almost five years PRismaPR represented EPIC Design Technology, Inc., now EPIC Technology Group of Synopsys, Inc. During this juncture, PRismaPR performed exceptional services and dedicated support for all public relations programs throughout Europe. PRismaPR´s communications efforts with the press coupled with their industry knowledge and expertise enabled EPIC to demonstrate and successfully promote its product and technology leadership."

Kurt Mumma, PR Manager, EPIC Technology Group of Synopsys
"We' ve worked with PRismaPR for last several years and the team has been a great asset throughout these years. Whether it is press releases, editorial meetings or PR opportunities, PrismaPR is always on top of things. It's a pleasure to work with this team and I would highly recommend them - especially for the EDA and semiconductor industry clients."

Keta Joshi, Director of Marketing, X Initiative
"PRismaPR team has provided an extremely high-level of support for Verisity's PR efforts in Europe. PRisma is very knowledgeable about verification and has been a tremendous help in securing press for Verisity. It has been a pleasure working with them."

Ric Chope, Director of Marketing Communications, Verisity
"We have a great working relationship with PRismaPR who are exceptionally creative in finding new opportunities for us to communicate our corporate messages. We continue to be impressed by their strong relationships with the press throughout Europe and their ability to get our news published in the right places."

Jessica Hoff, Worldwide Manager, Marketing Communications, Arc
"PRismaPR has helped QuickLogic Corp. re-brand ourselves as an ESP (Embedded Standard Products) provider with Europe's high-tech editors and analysts. They have done an excellent job of taking strategies and materials developed in the U.S. and applying them effectively to the European market, resulting in a consistent image and a high-level of press coverage. The PRisma team is very efficient and works well with QuickLogic's employees...from our CEO to our individual product managers."

Jan Houts, Director Corporate Communications, Quick Logic
"PRismaPR has very successfully served Advantest Europe in all press-related activities for several years now. The dedicated and competent support in a wide range of projects - from pan-European press conferences to the strategic distribution of press releases and placement of technical articles in the European press, to reliable and practical consultation - all this has dramatically increased our presence in the European industrial press and played a major role for the image and growth of Advantest as an Automated Test Equipment leader in Europe."

Peg DeRose-Schäfer, Manager Corporate Communications, Advantest

"I have known PRismaPR since 1994 and have been using their services in various companies since then. PRismaPR has always provided a high standard of service and support for our communications objectives in Europe. The strategic PR focus they continue to provide is marked by first class reliability and flexibility."

Larry Melling, Vice President Marketing, Agility Design Systems
"esmertec has only worked with PRismaPR for a few months but the results have already been outstanding. The PRisma team were quick to understand our needs and how to get the best results for us. They work proactively to give a high level of support and to create opportunities for esmertec in the media. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship."

Deborah Marzohl, Corporate Communications Manager, esmertec
"We have been working with PRismaPR for more than a year and continue to be impressed with the quality of service they provide. They use every opportunity, whether it is executives visiting Europe or tradeshows in the US and Europe, to establish relationships with key editors on our behalf. They actively seek and find editorial opportunities for us, they translate and distribute our press releases efficiently and their activities have enabled BOPS to reach new audiences cost effectively. PRismaPR has been a wonderful asset to our communications team."

Anita Giani, Director, Corporate Communications, BOPS
"PrismaPR was the agency that helped EPIC Europe to be well represented in all the main countries: Germany, Scandinavia, UK, France and Italy since 1994. It was an obvious choice for us to work with them when Monterey Design initiated operations in Europe in 1999. Since then, PrismaPR has continued to do a tremendous job for us and getting us exposure in all major magazines and tradeshows throughout Europe. They are well connected, professional and very efficient - an A+ team !"

Jacques Benkoski, President & CEO, Monterey