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European PR for the electronics market

PRismaPR generates winning strategies that put our clients ahead of the game.
Our aim is simple – to create clear and powerful campaigns that drive measurable results.

Use our specialist knowledge

Our job is to communicate deeply technical subjects clearly. For more than two decades we have worked only with high-tech clients and only in the B2B sector. This means we know how to target and influence the right key players with the right messages at the right time.

Create your own mix of services

We offer a full range of PR services, and you can use our skills in media management, marketing and journalism to suit your needs precisely. Our clients are free to choose between any of our long-term retained services and one-off activities.

From start-ups to market leaders

PRismaPR supports businesses at all stages of their growth – from establishing a foothold to maintaining market leadership. We have the expertise and flexibility to create PR services that exactly match the individual needs of our clients.
Please contact us to discuss how we can help